Business to Business

We don’t want to isolate our academy as just a training center.  We offer a variety of services and mentorship with all aspects in business.  With our hands on experience within this space, we offer a tailored approach to help small business scale, network and think outside of their comfort zone to have a sustainable work environment for future staff so they can transition to being an owner manager instead of always being an owner operator.

Advice and effective guidance

Jump on board our mentorship program where we can help with all aspects of the business. From marketing, operations, sales training, and long term strategies, we can cover just about all your needs with advice and proper guidance without having an alternative motive for personal gain. We look forward to sharing and inspiring others to do better so that we can help prop up and industry from the bottom up.

We offer a variety of services for our students and alumni.  Here are just a few:







Ceramic Coating / Paint Correction

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6 weeks, 8-12 hours/week

Next Class: TBA


Ceramic Coating / Paint Protection

Here, you will learn the basics of taking an abused and neglected paint surface and how to turn back time from the abuse it’s taken. We will go over polishing techniques, tools, and ways to overcome some of the many different speed bumps you’ll encounter. Once we touch on the process of correcting that surface, we’ll teach you how to apply ceramic coatings to the surface for maintenance protection which will make it easier for the owner to maintain all that hard work you put in to perfecting that paint.

Foundation Architectural

Learn all about flat glass installation and how to operate and expand into residential and commercial Tint. With high margins in the mix, adding flat glass to your arsenal allows you to have a more balanced portfolio as sales on certain automotive products go up and down due to the seasonality of wants and needs. When consumers get a taste of what automotive films can do for them, they can start seeing other applications in their own home or business.

Gloss to Matte Conversion

This is a unique 4-day class that covers the full complexity of taking a full car with a gloss paint finish and changing it to a matte/satin finish.  From disassembly to de-badging, extending edges, tucking under rubber gaskets, and how to modify patterns to help reduce risk and waste while saving you time.  Of course there is a little custom bulking thrown in the mix as well.  Feel confident in knowing and selling a full gloss to matter conversion job for the premium price tag it demands.

PPF Advanced

Our advance course is for any and all levels. Its never too late to learn something new or perfect your efficiencies in the process. This short term class structure is designed to be customized to the individual so that we can gather the areas they want to focus on and work through each one to the point that they feel better than when they first came.

Foundation Automotive

Come learn the art of window film installation where you can not only help preserve the temperature inside one’s vehicle with heat rejection but also create a sense of privacy when desired. From heat shrinking, shaving edges, and squeegee techniques, learn the basics to start adding this product and service to your repertoire. This 3 day course will leave you with a hunger to practice once you get back in order to be more efficient at offering this new skill to your clients.

PPF Foundation

Our 4-day foundation course is design to meet the needs of someone just coming into the craft.  PPF is a complex art form that takes plenty of practice and patience to perfect over time so that longer term it can be a well paid profession.  Students will be given a rigorous course curriculum filled with lots of hands-on work to the point that they will be able to confidently tackle a full front end on their own.  They might take a few attempts per panel, but they will know what the standard is and how to work through issues to meet the customer’s standard..